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"The oldest computer company you never heard of."
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Dash's resellers, who are consultants, dealers and contractors, embody a level of expertise that can be an asset to Kansas City businesses. Many of our resellers have been around as long as Dash, and are experts of great value to their clients. They cover the gamut of computing: Microsoft and Linux operating systems, wired and wireless networking, point-of-sale systems, commercial/industrial applications, as well as conventional laptops, netbooks, servers, workstations, and desktop systems.

Your company can take advantage of their expertise, by first contacting Dash for a referral. When you explain to Dash the nature your requirements or problems, Dash will be able to suggest one or more of its resellers who are appropriate to your company's needs.

There's no fee for this referral service, and there is no obligation on your part to take our suggestion.