Dash   Dash, Inc.

2340 Merriam Lane
Kansas City, Kansas 66106
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"The oldest computer company you never heard of."
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Our Mission

Dash is a 24 year-old Kansas corporation providing distribution functions and services to Kansas City's VAR channel, which is comprised of consultants, dealers, contractors and other resellers who provide computer and network hardware and services to clients in and around Kansas City.   Their clients are usually small to medium-sized businesses whose dependence on computers and/or the internet is frequently "mission-critical."

Dash's careful, conservative approach to choosing manufacturers and products, plus its commitment to support, inspires loyalty among its customers and employees that is the envy of Dash's competitors.  By providing its 4-state region (KS, MO, NE, IA) with fast, economical, 1-day UPS-Ground service, Dash has filled a niche that the large national distributors cannot.

Dash knows that the big-name, multi-national computer companies fail to provide good, prompt service to local small-business clients.  There is no subsitiute for a local service-provider supporting a local client. Dash strives to enable its local resellers and consultants to provide their local clients with the same level of service and support that the largest manufacturers promise to their largest customers