Loose Feather Patterns 2008
  Where My Heart Blooms begins our 2008 series of 6 Loose Feather patterns. This year’s Loose Feather patterns celebrate nature. Barb and I love gardens, birds and the natural world around us.
  This is our 6th year of publishing Loose Feather patterns. To celebrate, we thought we would offer a bonus, a free pattern, at the end of this year. You deserve it! If you have stitched all of the Loose Feather patterns since the beginning that’s 29 samplers. It’s enough to make you want to give your fingers a rest....maybe in Hawaii. But no, we are not offering a trip, only a mystery.
  Here’s the mystery: From each of the patterns printed this year we will choose motifs which, when combined, will make a new sampler. Which ones will be chosen? How will the sampler go together? The mystery will be solved in the final Loose Feather pattern which will be printed in November of 2008. You will need all 6 patterns to make the bonus sampler. A stitching diagram will be provided to show placement of the motifs.
This is the 6th year of the Loose feather club patterns.